The Best Gazebo For High Winds

If you’re reading this article, you will know the pain of using a weak gazebo in strong winds. It is a bad combination and will leave you wondering why you ever thought the flimsy frame would last in the first place. Gazebos with lightweight frames, thin steel construction and plastic joints are a major no-no when it comes to relying on a pop up gazebo. Instead you need something on the heavy duty or strengthened end of the pop up gazebo market but don’t want to have to shell out a small fortune. This is where Poptents come in with their heavy duty pop up gazebos.

The best gazebo for high winds is a strong gazebo.

Having a gazebo with a solid and strong foundation is the most suited for coping with high winds. Combining a strong pop up gazebo with a heavy set of weights will ensure your gazebo is fit for purpose. The metal weights ensure the legs of the frame will not move and the strong frame will absorb any driving winds that push into your frame.

So what exactly does make a strong pop up gazebo?

strong pop up gazebo

The first misconception with a strong gazebo is regarding the legs. This is true to a degree, but once you reach a size of 40mm, the width of the leg becomes virtually irrelevant. The 
strengthening forces shift to the roof bars and the joints in the frame as these are the parts of the frame where the strain is placed most. If you imagine winds pushing into the roof, it is the bars within the roof that must stay straight and the joints between the bars that must remain strong when the force is applied. Having a gazebo with strong roof bars and metal joints is essential for a lasting pop up gazebo that can withstand these conditions. This is the exact reason Poptents provide one grade of pop up gazebo throughout a range of sizes and not any lesser makes or models.

What to look for in your new gazebo

If you are looking for a new strong pop up gazebo you want to opt for one with strong roof bars and metal joints throughout the frame. As a bonus, Poptents offer 40mm square legs which are reinforced on the inside. You want to avoid plastic joints as they can easily be damaged or broken when exposed to high tension under strong winds/ gusts. Poptents gazebos also come with easy glide sliders under the metal joints which allow for effortless opening and closing of the gazebo without compromising the superior strength. Due to only supplying one grade of tent, we will not be beaten on price for the same grade of tent by anyone in the UK or Ireland. To shop our range of gazebos you can toggle between colours and sizes using the buttons at the top of the web page. Fast and free delivery is also included on all orders.