3m x 3m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Black

3m x 3m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Black

3m x 4.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Green

3m x 4.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Green

3m x 4.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Blue

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Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo

 The blue 3m x 4.5m (10ft x 15ft) heavy duty pop up tent is one of the most popular options within the Poptent range. It is commonly used throughout events, showing cattle, rallying, motorcross and mobile car services. This strong pop up tent is used throughout a wide range of industries because of it's strong, robust frame and the tough, waterproof fabric. The blue colour is a bright and attractive shade with Pantone 653C.

Strong Aluminium Frame

The Poptents 3m x 4.5m pop up gazebo frame is made from 2mm thick aluminium throughout the legs and roof bars. The reinforced legs are 40mm square and the roof bars are 30x15mm. These thick, robust bars will not bend or flex in harsh weather conditions. Aluminium joints throughout the full frame also add considerable strength to these pop up tent frames. The aluminium joints act as the suspension, preventing and absorbing lateral movements in the roof and keeping the bars in the correct braced positions. Spring loaded centre poles also help to dampen the affect of strong gusts of wind that pushes into the fabric of the roof. These strong pop up gazebo structures will take the weight of 2-3 men hanging from the roof, acting as an indicator of the strength of our pop up tents.

Waterproof, Durable Fabric

Poptents fabric is made of a tough, durable 600D fabric that is made of 100% polyester with a PVC coating. This PVC coating gives our gazebos complete waterproofing, UV resistance in addition to being flame retardant certified (certificate is available on request). The fabric is a perfect blend of strength and workability to allow the fabric to move slightly in the wind and prevent rips or tears from occuring, even in heavy use. The side walls will join to the inside of the roof through an industrial strength velcro strip and also  join to the legs with three velcro straps on either side of the wall. Each wall will also zip together to provide a secure connection and keep the wind and rain out of the space your pop up tent creates.


Delivery of the 3m x 4.5m heavy duty pop up gazebo is free of charge and will be within 1-2 working days from time of order. If you need your new pop up tent next day or for Saturday delivery, please contact our office who will be able to advise. Please take care when opening the smaller fabric part of the delivery as opening with sharp instruments can cut into the fabric of the roof or side walls. Caution is advised.

What's Included

Included with the blue 3m x 4.5m pop up tent is: one heavy duty 3x4.5m frame; 3x4.5m blue roof; 2x 3m blue walls; 2x 4.5m blue walls; a wheeled carry bag and a set of straps & pegs.

3m x 4.5m - 10ft x 15ft pop up industrial blue marquee. Its stability is brought by four large aluminium plates which serve as its feet. These plates (feet) can be secured and pinned down to any surface, whether soft or hard or weighed down sandbags weights or metal weights. Another part which contributes to the overall strength of this tent is its heavy duty legs. The four legs of this extreme blue gazebo are composed of superior quality gauge aluminium

The square shape of the legs and the reinforced within each leg are what make the whole tent steady. The gazebo to be erected in only a few minutes. All these come in a handy carry bag with 5cm wheels to easily bring the whole tent anywhere.


Wind Information

The information in the below table is to be used as guidance only. Where any extreme weather is forecast your Poptent should always be taken down and stored appropriately. The results in the table below are from our wind tunnel testing where all weighted ballasting was applied evenly across all four legs.



A – 240kg Metal Weights

B – 240Kg Metal Weights & Guy Ropes

3m x 4.5m

50mph / 80kmph

>80mph / 130kmhr