2x15kg Metal Gazebo Weights

2x15kg Metal Gazebo Weights

Sandbags Weights - Set of Four

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Pop Up Sandbag Weights (unfilled) It would be better to be safe and sorry when you use tents especially in the uncontrollable weather in the outdoors or special events. Nature can unleash a sudden burst of wind that could result in dire consequences, all leading to a disruptive and ventually forgettable event if you don’t have the proper foundation to keep those gazebos or tents up.
To ensure sturdiness, add more stability to them with these sand bag weights, something which speedly free delivery within Ireland can provide. These sand bag weights can be easily strapped on the bottom of the legs. Can be filled with sand, stones, concrete
What's Included

4 x Sandbags (unfilled)

How secure are your tents, especially when the winds start howling? 

Sand bag weights can add more stability and security to your tent, things that can be strapped easily for firmer holds and weights to the ground.

Assuming you have gotten your tent already, speedly free delivery within Ireland also has sand bag weights for your perusal. They are sold separately and to keep a sane mind and worry-free time when events or functions come around, turning to these additional weights to keep those tents down may be a good idea.