4.5m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Green

4.5m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Green

3m yellow pop up gazebo awning extension

3m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Yellow

3m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Orange

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3m Awning - Orange

The 3m awning is a gazebo accessory that allows you to create some extra space under the gazebo. The awning itself gives an extra 65cm of coverage for the gazebo, thats over 2ft! The extra awning is perfect for providing added shelter from the rain or preventing sunlight from entering your tent. The awning is made up of three bars and a length of fabric and can be easily attached in minutes providing a waterproof join with the roof.


Included with the 3m Orange awning

2x Fixing poles

1x Folding 3m Pole

3m Orange Waterproof Fabric


Please note that Poptents Awnings will only fit on Poptents frames