The Best Pop Up Gazebo For a Sports Club

A pop up gazebo can be a very beneficial tool for a sports team. Over the last couple of years we have noticed a massive surge in demand for our pop up gazebos from sports teams throughout the country. They are a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of settings in the team/competition setting. Some of those uses are:

  • To act as a base at competitions
  • To provide rain cover or shade at training sessions
  • For promotions within the club such as fundraising, BBQ’s, family days etc.
  • To provide sheltered viewing for spectators
  • A portable dug out / bench solution

We have our heavy duty pop up gazebos used by many clubs including rowing clubs, athletics, cycling, rugby and football. Each club has their own unique requirements but the fact the gazebos can be doubled up across a wide range of uses makes it so versatile and once you have it you will use it for almost anything. The reason they are so versatile is because they are so easy to transport, erect and store in addition to being extremely strong allowing them to handle a wide range of scenarios. The most popular size of gazebo varies by club, typically athletic clubs will go for a 3m x 3m and rowing clubs will go for a 3m x 6m, it depends on the specific requirement you have and the need for sheltered space.

Once you have selected your size, you can then choose to incorporate branding in to your gazebo. Branding a pop up gazebo is a great way to make your club stand out against others and give that clean professional look. With our branding process you can fully customise the gazebo to include your club colours, logo, text and even potential sponsors which is a great way to offset the cost and increase revenue in to the club. Dye sublimation gazebo printing means the artwork is dyed into the fabric. The result is an extremely high print quality that won’t crack or split over time. The most popular options for sports teams would be to brand the roof with their club crest and add their club name to the valance. This gives a great visual impact and as all sides of the gazebo roof is included in the price you can be seen from all angles.

With Poptents heavy duty gazebos we try to limit the confusion within the market and make things a little clearer. This is why we offer one specification of frame, one specification of fabric and one specification of printing, all of which are class leading. Doing things this way helps to cut through the mud and you get to know exactly what you get when you do choose.

If we can assist you with a plain or branded pop up gazebo in any size, please get in touch.