As of 2019 some of the larger European event organisers are now asking for evidence that pop up gazebos are capable of withstanding 80Km/Hr (50mph) wind speeds. There is a misconception that pop up structures are not permitted, however this is not the case. The requirement is that exhibitors must prove that their structure can withstand the necessary wind speeds. In response to this Poptents have had our structures independently tested and can confirm that our structures do comply with regulations. If in any doubt you should contact the exhibition organiser to confirm this is the case.

Poptents gazebos are capable of withstanding these high wind speeds by either securing them to the ground or by applying a mass load to each leg of the structure. To withstand the 80Km/hr winds 60kg should be applied to each leg of the pop up structure to prevent any sliding or lifting of the legs. Once this is weighed down to this degree the metal joints of the structure are strong enough to handle the force exerted by the wind. This can also be enhanced by using the straps provided and anchoring the frame of the tent to something that will not be moved. We applied the straps of the structure to immovable pins during the wind tunnel testing and we actually maxed out the wind speed possible in the tunnel at 120Km/hr (80mph).

If you have any queries you can contact one of our team who will be more than happy to answer any questions.