How Many Gazebo Weights Do I Need?

We’ve previously covered the question of “Do I need gazebo weights?” and here we are going to cover the topic of how many you need. The type of weight you need depends greatly on you budget, what you’re using the gazebo for and the anticipated weather you expect the gazebo to face and withstand. In relation to budget, while many people ask if you need gazebo weights we would always recommend you do. A little extra spend now can save you time and money down the line. Securing your gazebo should be a priority if you are using the tent in your garden or trading at an exhibition.

Firstly, the type of weight used to hold the gazebo down is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the total weight across each leg. The more weight you can add or more tie points you can create the more secure your gazebo will be. Included with each of Poptents heavy duty gazebo packages is a set of 4 stainless steel pegs and straps. This is a great kit for soft ground or for tying to something near your gazebo such as a wall, railing or even a vehicle. In severe winds the straps and pegs should be used as a supplement to a primary weight. Poptents options for weighing down pop up gazebos are a set of wrap-around sandbags or 15kg metal weights. Depending on what you put in the sandbags you can get anywhere from 12-25kg of weight per bag (1 bag per leg) where the metal weights are 15kg per weight and are stackable, allowing you to fit a number of weights per leg.

Now for the question of how many you need. On typical days where wind isn’t strong we would advise to have one weight per leg of the gazebo, whether it be a sandbag or a metal weight. You can go without weights and use the straps and the pegs on their own however the wind would need to be slight with no strong gusts for this to work. Once you get in to strong winds we would recommend two weights per leg and in strong, stormy conditions you should add more weights until the structure is stable or take the shelter down. Removing the sidewalls will help and you could also drop the height of the structure to combat very strong, gusty winds.

The amount of weights you will need for your gazebo is subjective depending on the conditions your gazebo will be exposed to and you should always air on the side of caution to ensure a long lifespan. We recommend a minimum of 1 weight per leg which is equivalent to 60kg on a four legged tent and 90kg on a six legged tent. Poptents heavy duty frames are very strong structures and will withstand very strong stormy winds but only if the correct instructions are followed in regards to weighing them down and removing the sidewalls or dropping the height of the structure when required.