Coming to the end of November we are well on our way into the Christmas shopping period and everything that comes with it, but most importantly for market traders is the opportunity for Christmas markets and fairs. This is a big opportunity to showcase your products and make some sales to finish 2019 strongly. However, with these Christmas markets comes increased competition between stall holders and here lies quite a  problem: how do you differentiate to make your stall stand out from a crowd of competitors. Product plays the largest role here but enticing people to look at your stand and get attention is the main aim of this article. This is achieved through branding; and what is the best advertisement for a brand at a market of similar looking gazebos? Branding your gazebo! Branding a pop up gazebo for a Christmas market is a great way to attract attention to your stand and get eyeballs on your products. Adding your logo to the roof and company name to the over hangs is the most popular method of printing, but with Poptents we have no limits on how much branding you can add once you print that panel

A great example of using a branded gazebo to stand out in a market is in the header image for this article. The guys from Mezze are the only stand in the show with a branded gazebo and their stand is instantly brought to your attention through their strong gazebo branding. The added appeal of this gazebo branding is a huge positive and can only increase the attention you will get at your Christmas markets.

Adding branding to your pop up gazebo also adds an extra sense of authenticity. It shows that you are more serious as a trader, a brand and as a company. Adding your website and contact information also adds to this authenticity and increases buyer confidence as a result. Showing people where you are or how they can contact you produces buyer confidence because they know they can contact you if something goes wrong or if they want to reach out for more down the line.

This is a short article but the benefits of branding a pop up gazebo are both short term and long term. The short term impact is the added visual appeal you can get at Christmas markets and competitive edge you get against your competitors from your enhanced appeal. This increased attention translates to increased people to your stand, conversations and ultimately sales. In the long term it gives your company or your stand added brand benefits such as familiarity and authenticity. Showing people who you are and where you are without having to tell them is a huge confidence booster for the customer and it also means you are more recognisable when doing multiple shows through the year.