Benefits of a Poptent Gazebo for Outdoor Workers

When it comes to Autumn and Winter the weather turns drastically and any reliability we had in the forecast is quickly diminished. Long evenings draw to a close and we have shorter days and even fewer of them dry. In this instance it is imperative that you are able to carry on working given the unreliability in the weather.

This is where a Poptents heavy duty gazebo can help. Using a Poptent can allow you to create a work station where you can continue to work outside whether it be setting up a chop saw or covering an area of a patio to lay. Poptents are perfect for many trades including joiners, kitchen fitters and landscapers as the temporary pop up structure can be set up in a matter of minutes and create a dry environment. The benefits of having a Poptent is a strong aluminium construction with aluminium joints throughout the entire structure so it can withstand our weather and is fully waterproof meaning your tools don’t get wet. Poptents come as standard with a set of four walls so you can fully close the tent up and really keep the elements out! As an added bonus the customer is happy as all mess is contained to one small area.

The most popular sizes for trades would be either the 3m x 3m (10x10ft) or the 3m x 4.5m (10x15ft) as it gives a large area to be covered and can be managed comfortably by one person. The head clearance inside the pop up gazebo on the maximum height setting is 204cm and can be dropped down in 15cm (6”) intervals if required giving plenty of space to work in.

For more information on how a Poptent may benefit you and result in fewer called off days, do get in touch