1. Effects of Brexit on our Irish Customers

    A message to explain the non-effect of our suppy to Irish customers after Brexit.

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  2. An Update on Coronavirus Funding and Grants Available

    An updated version of the available grants and funding that is available across the UK and Ireland.
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  3. Covid Grant Funding Info for Business and Community Groups

    Second Tranche of Covid-19 Support Grant Available

    Across Northern Ireland there is a variety of grants and funding available at the moment. These are put in place to help business and communities to continue their work whilst dealing with the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions. We have put together a brief rundown of what is available with links, where applicable, for you to get more information. If interested in an official quote from Poptents for any of our gazebos please get in touch and we can send this straight to your email in a matter of minutes.

    There is a second round of grant funding available across Northern Ireland which is on a first come first served basis, so it is important to act quickly. Different council areas have different opening dates.


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  4. Pop Up Gazebo Used During Covid-19

    A little about how we have been helping other business serve their customers during the ongoing coronavirus and how you can contact us

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  5. Community Grants Fund for Rebuilding after Covid

    A quick link for those seeking some more information regarding grants available in their area for their community during covid.
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  6. Branding a Gazebo for Christmas Markets

    A quick insight on how to better stand out at Christmas Markets

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  7. Poptents Gazebos Withstand Strong 80Km/Hr Winds

    With new regulations coming to effect regarding the use of pop up gazebos at large outdoor events Poptents have had testing done to prove that our gazebos can withstand the required windspeed and comply with regulations. This means Poptents pop up gazebos can be used at these events where others would not.

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  8. Gazebos For A Christmas Market

    A short guide if you are looking for a pop up gazebo suitable for the Christmas markets this year.

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  9. How Many Gazebo Weights Do I Need?

    Here we try to help guide you through the weight options and how many weights you need for your gazebo

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  10. The Best Gazebo For Outdoor Use

    The Best Gazebo For Outdoor Use

    There are many types and varieties of pop up gazebo that are used for outdoor use. I’ll give you a quick run-down of the three main categories of pop up gazebos and then give advice on which is the best pop up gazebo for outdoor use.

    Many gazebos turn out to be “one use” gazebos that are broken or damaged in the process of putting them up, moving them to their location or forcing bars to go together that don’t match. While this type of pop up gazebo may be suitable for some people out there, they are generally a poorly designed gazebo that will break after a few uses and don’t serve a great list of purposes.

    The next block of gazebos tends to be a “domestic grade” (I’ll come back to why these grades mean absolutely nothing) gazebo which is for light outdoor use in not to heavy conditions. These are

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