5m x 5m Inflatable Tents

5m x 5m Inflatable Tents

4m x 4m Inflatable Spider Dome

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The Poptents 4m x 4m inflatable dome is well known for its lightweight construction, high quality and its ability to be put up anywhere. The spider dome can be inflated in a few minutes and can be easily moved around due to their lightweight construction. Despite their light construction each leg is heavily protected against rips and tears with double layered legs. The base of each leg also has its own layer of wear resistant PVC mesh which further protects the inflatable exhibition dome from damage.
The 4m x 4m inflatable domes are modular meaning they can be linked together to form a large “tunnel” of inflatable domes which can be perfect for creating a large visually impacting stand for trading out of or for promotions.
Poptents inflatable domes are branded using dye sublimation printing. The advantage of this type of printing over other is that it will not peel, split or fade over time. This process actually prints your artwork into the fabric for the roof or sidewall, not just heat-pressing a sticker in to it. It also means there is no limitations to printing and the full canopy of the roof, sidewalls and the awning can be fully custom printed.

The inflatable domes are constructed with 4 inflatable tubes which are joined as one X pod structure. Each leg takes under 30 seconds to inflate meaning your pop up dome is inflated in 2-3 minutes. Each leg has the added safety measure of an over inflation which eliminates the need to worry if it is too full with air- especially when the pressure inside the tubes increases with air temperature. 

Instructions to set up Poptents inflatable dome

Unpack and open the legs to an X shape on the ground
Attach walls and awning using zippers on each piece (this can also be done at the end)
Open the valve covers depending on fast or slow inflation
Inflate each of the 4 legs, taking care to not overinflate and closing the valves as you go.
For the fourth leg, lift into position
Inflate the awning