strong 3m x 6m heavy duty pop up gazebo

3m x 6m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Green

3m x 6m navy heavy duty pop up gazebo with sidewalls

3m x 6m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Navy

3m x 6m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Apple Green

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3m x 6m Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo - Apple Green

Poptents 3m x 6m heavy duty pop up gazebo is a seriously strong piece of kit. The alumnium structure is very strong and built to last heavy, year round use. It is this adaptability that you will find our 3m x 6m across all sorts of sports club such as rugby, football and athletics clubs in addition to providing added stability to the business of tradesmen, stonemasons car valeters and much more.

Strong Aluminium Structure

The 3m x 6m aluminium structure is made completely from T4 2mm aluminium throughout. The legs are 40mm square and are internally reinforced for added strength. The roof bars are also a substantial 30x15mm with internal reinforcements. All joints of the structure are metal, which is important as it is the joints in the roof that withstand the high pressures from wind and heavy use. If these are plastic/nylon the gazebo will not last. To complete the structure there are easy glide sliders positioned underneath the metal joints. This allows for effortless popping up of the gazebo each time you set it up. The spring loaded centre poles also add added damping to the structure when operating in gusty conditions.

Tough, Durable Fabric

Poptents fabric is all the one spec which is completely waterproof, UV resistant and is also fire retardant certified. This is important as there are now many events throughout the country that require a fire retardant certificate. This can be obtained by contacting us and we will email this for you. The gazebo roof can stay on the frame between uses allowing for easy pop up at your next event. The sidewalls then attach to the inside of the roof with industrial hook and loop velcro. The same velcro is also used to strap the walls to the legs, the walls then zip together for a strong weatherproof seal.


Delivery of the 3m x 6m is usually within 2-3 days from day of ordering (excluding weekends and bank holidays). Please notify us if you need it sooner than this date as we can usually arrange something with the couriers.

Wind Information

The wind information detailed in this section should be used as guidance only. In the instance of extreme weather or strong winds your Poptent should always be taken down and stored until the weather has passed. You should always air on the side of caution. The results in the below table were obtained during our wind tunnel testing where all ballasting was applied evenly over the six legs and the guy ropes were secured from the corners.



A – 300kg Metal Weights

B – 300Kg Metal Weights & Guy Ropes

3m x 6m

50mph / 80kmph

>80mph / 130kmhr