3m x 4.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo - White

3m x 4.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo - White

3m x 4.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Blue

3m x 4.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Blue

3m x 4.5m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Green/White

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Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo

The 3m x 4.5m (10ftx15ft) green & white heavy duty pop up gazebo is very commonly used for agricultural shows, market stalls, traders exhbitions and events in addition to mobile detailers rally teams and cycling teams. The size of the pop up tent allows you to fit a car under the pop up gazebo and also allows for a larger stand with increased presence for those interested in trading. The green and white is only supplied by Poptents and the two toned colour allows your pop up gazebo to stand out against others and offer a different look.

Aluminium Gazebo Frame

Poptents heavy duty aluminium gazebo frame is made from 2mm thick T4 aluminium, which is thicker and stronger than others on the market.  Poptents pop up gazebos are reinforced on the inside of the 40mm square legs in addition to the 30x15mm roof bars. These bars are made to be able to withstand high pressures and not bend under windy conditions. With the help of aluminium joints throughout the frame which absorb any movement in the roof, these bars are kept in a strong, braced position against high winds. Spring loaded centre poles also help to dampen the effect of strong gusts and reduce the affects of winds pressing into the roof. The strength of our pop up tents is shown in the images where they will easily take the weight of 2-3 men hanging from the centre of the roof. Indicating the forces and pressure they can withstand.

Waterproof Fabric

Poptents fabric is made of a 600D polyester that is coated in PVC. This tough fabric is a perfect blend of strength and workability as the fabric will work with the wind to prevent ripping and tearing. The gazebo is completely waterproof, UV resistant  and is also flame retardant certified. This can be sent upon request and is often essential to gain access to trade shows or events. The gazebo side walls will join to the roof by a strengthened velcro strip on the inside of the roof and top edge of the wall. On each side of the side wall there is velcro straps which join the sides to the legs of the metal frame and the walls also zip togther for a secure, weatherproof join.


Delivery is included free of charge and can be expected within 1-2 working days from placing order. Free delivery qualifies throughout Cork, Kerry, Dublin and Galway etc.

What's Included

Included with the 3m x 4.5m Green & White heavy duty pop up gazebo is: the heavy duty frame; green & white roof; 2x 3m green walls; 2x green & white 4.5m walls; a steel wheeled carry bag and a set of straps & pegs.

3m x 4.5m - 10ft x 15ft Extreme Green & White heavy duty pop up rot proof tent. The tents are easy to erect and can be put up in minutes. These were all made thanks to the sliding joints and lock pins responsible for interlocking the tent frames easily and can have different heights. For the covering, the fabric used in the canopy was designed to provide the necessary protection, meant for hot and/or rainy days. In all, these dual-toned tents should be perfect for all events and occasions, both commercial and domestic. Free UK delivery.


Wind Information

The information in the below table is to be used as guidance only. Where any extreme weather is forecast your Poptent should always be taken down and stored appropriately. The results in the table below are from our wind tunnel testing where all weighted ballasting was applied evenly across all four legs.



A – 240kg Metal Weights

B – 240Kg Metal Weights & Guy Ropes

3m x 4.5m

50mph / 80kmph

>80mph / 130kmhr