Gazebos For Rallying

With rallying being a year round event drivers, cars and events shows experience the full range of weather conditions and have to continue to work no matter what the conditions are. Pop up gazebos are a great addition to any rally team. A pop up shelter allows you to work on your car behind closed doors between races, put your car on display and keep it sheltered and out of the conditions. Gazebos are becoming ever more popular amongst rally drivers and their teams for the reasons mentioned and as team branding. Poptents gazebos can be branded in any colours, with any logos text and images to make your rally team gazebo stand out and fit in with your rally team.


Since rallying is a year event with a long season, you face a full range of the weather- the good and the bad! For a gazebo to be suitable to withstand the pressure from the wind and rain it is important to opt for a heavy duty gazebo. These strong metal gazebos are made to be able to withstand the harsh weather whilst looking solid, after all a great rally team doesn't have a flimsy gazebo over their car that blows over in the wind. Poptents offer heavy duty, strong commercial pop up gazebos that are able to withstand and absorb the pressures from bad weather and the abuse that they can be subject to. Poptents are made from 2mm thick aluminium with 40mm square legs and 30x15mm roof bars, both of which are reinforced on the inside for added strength. There are also metal joints throughout the entire frame which adds considerable strength to the frame. The metal joints, much like suspension, absorb the lateral movement in the roof and keep the frame in a braced position. The 3m x 3m metal gazebo frame alone is 27kg and the 3m x 4.5m which allows you to fit a car under the gazebo is 34kg. This gives an indication as to the strength of the gazebo, which will easily take the weight of 2-3 men hanging from the frame!


All stock Poptents heavy duty gazebos come with sides included as standard. The sides are full walls and attach to the inside of the roof by a velcro strip and all join together by zip in the corners. This gives a secure, weatherproof join which keeps the weather out of the gazebo allowing you to work on your car in a dry environment.


The 3m x 4.5m heavy duty gazebo is the most popular choice amongst our clients as this allows for one car to fit entirely under the pop up tent, or two cars under it sideways. The plain colours of heavy duty gazebos are all in stock and will be with you within 2 working days from order.