Gazebos for Cycling

Cycling clubs and teams are expanding their promotional club material and are investing in pop up gazebos for their cycling clubs or teams. Pop up gazebos are used on race days to sell their club merchandise, to act as a base / headquarters at events or as a pop up service station on the road of a long route. With the potential for heavy use it is important that the pop up gazebo you use is fit for use and is made to be strong and durable. This is where Poptents heavy duty pop up gazebos with sides can come in. We supply heavy duty commercial grade pop up gazebos with industrial strength. We offer one range of strong pop up gazebo that is designed to handle harsh weather conditions and last for a very long time. Customers currently have gazebos that are in their eighth year of service! 

Within cycling, the most popular options are the 3m x 3m or the 3m x 4.5m pop up tents. This is because these sizes are perfect for your bikes. Under the 3m x 3m gazebo you can get 3 bicycles under with enough room to work on them and under hem 3m x 4.5m you will get 5 bikes under it with ample room. A lot of customers decide to brand their cycling gazebo with their club colours, logo and club names. Our dye sublimation process means we can colour match any club colours and print any design onto a gazebo that can best match your needs. It is a very high quality printing solution that leaves a very high quality finish, much higher than heat pressing or screen printing onto an existing roof.

The reason Poptents heavy duty pop up gazebos are so suitable for the many conditions that gazebos can face in cycling is within the frame specification. A Poptent is made from 2mm thick aluminium, which is thicker than the market standard and have 40mm square legs. There are additional reinforcements on the inside of the legs and on the inside of the roof bars. Metal joints throughout the entire frame add considerable strength and increase the lifetime of your gazebo frame. Poptents are strong enough to comfortably take the weight of 2-3 men hanging from the roof. This specifications ensures that the bars and joints of the metal gazebo frame will withstand the pressures from high wind days and prevent the bars or joints from being weakened.

Poptents fabric is a 420D 100% polyester that has real weight and toughness behind it whilst remaining flexible and workable. The fabric is 100% waterproof and flame retardant certified. The walls and roof are joined by an industrial strength velcro strip and the walls join together by zip lock so there is a strong connection which keeps the elements out, perfect for whatever type of cycling event you will need a gazebo for!