Gazebos for Contracting

Within contracting there are many various jobs that require a dry workspace in order to complete tasks. These vary hugely from laying a patio/decking, brick laying, tarmacking or any outdoor cutting there is no doubt that having a dry workspace makes life a lot easier! Having a temporary structure that can be popped up and down in minutes is of a huge advantage, meaning you can continue to work with no fuss and in the dry. It is then important to purchase a strong gazebo, as you will need something that will stand up to the weather conditions as well as handle the abuse thrown at it! You need a strong, heavy duty pop up gazebo by Poptents.


There are many different ranges and models of commercial pop up gazebo on the market starting from €50. It's important to know how to differentiate between these models throughout the range and get an understanding of what you're paying for. The things to look for are the thickness of the metal, any reinforcements, the joints and what is is made of. The thicker the metal the less likely the bars are to bend and be weakened and therefore make the tent more durable. The average gazebo on the market will have a metal thickness of 1-1.5mm. Depending on where in the market you are looking will depend on if your gazebo is reinforced. In the middle of the range there may be reinforcements in either the legs or the roof bars, but not both. The joints are an important factor in determining the strength and durability. The joints prevent and absorb any movement in the roof when the wind is strong and pushes the frame. Plastic or nylon joints are not very good at absorbing this pressure and tend to give in or be weakened through use, leaving them liable to snap in future use. The best material for the metal gazebo frame to be made from is aluminium. Aluminium will not rust as steel would and is a very strong material.


Poptents specialise in strong, heavy duty pop up gazebos that are better than commercial grade. Our gazebos are built to be strong and last a considerable length of time. We have customers who have got 8 years out of their frame using heavy use. Poptents use 2mm thick aluminium throughout the entire range of pop up gazebos. The legs are 40mm square and are reinforced. The roof bars in the top of the frame are also reinforced with additional aluminium. Throughout the frame there is metal joints which are made from polished aluminium. The high specification in a Poptent ensures that the bars are strong enough to handle and high wind conditions without bending or flexing. The metal joints in the roof do a much better job at absorbing and preventing lateral movement in the roof of the frame. This also keeps the bars in a braced position, further reinforcing the gazebo. The result is a very strong gazebo that will easily take the weight of 2 or 3 men hanging from the roof of the frame. The fabric of a Poptent is also completely waterproof, flexible and fire retardant so can be suitable for a wide range of industries.


All Poptents pop up gazebos come with a heavy duty frame, roof, 4x sidewalls, steel wheeled carry bag and a set of straps & pegs too.