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3m Replacement Wall - White

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3m White Gazebo Side Description

A plain white wall is all you need when the sun is either too hot or the rain is pouring hard. This white wall measures 3 meters and is made from superior quality polyester. It is also coated with polyester PVC, a chemical which makes the wall water resistant and fireproof.

This inexpensive wall is very light and manageable to attach to the canopy and steel frame. It has built-in Velcro loops and hooks. Hence, there is no more need to buy separate ones. A plain white wall is easy to decorate according to one’s theme and can flawlessly blend in with other colours. This is what makes this 3m wall white the perfect match for your tent or gazebo.

Usually temporary gazebos or tents are used for events. These tents do not have wall coverings and uses only aluminium frames, nylon joints and large foot plates. Some even pop-up automatically. However, gazebos which are meant to be permanently located in a particular area or are meant to be placed there for months require walls.

This white wall provides a full enclosure to a 3m pop up tent or self-assembly gazebo. It is strongly fastened through the built-in Velcro loops. It is made from polyester coated with polyester PVC. Hence, like roofs, it is water resistant and fire retardant. The polyester is likewise the one which makes this wall sturdy and long lasting. Regardless of its material, the wall remains soft and easy to attach to a tent. One can easily attach the loops and hooks to completely position the wall under the canopy. It can serve as a good shield from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and heavy pouring rain.

The design is a simple, crisp, elegant plain white colour. Order these walls now and enjoy a moment of privacy even outside your home. You can receive it in its best condition the day after with speedly free UK delivery.