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4.5m Gazebo Banner Bars

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2x15kg Metal Gazebo Weights

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Poptents recommend using extra weights to your Poptent gazebo, regardless of how strong and durable the marquee is. Poptents offer it's own set of metal weights that are custom made to fit around the leg of a Poptent, as well as some other tent manufacturer legs. Poptents heavy weights are made of cast iron and weigh 15kg's each. This means that tent sizes up to 3m x 4.5m will have 60kg's holding down the tent, plus the weight of the frame. All of Poptents weights are sprayed yellow as standard for added health and safety benefits (health and safety regulations may vary from event to event).

Poptents heavy metal weights are sold as a set of two (1 weight for 2 legs). It is advised to have 1 weight on each leg as a minimum. Poptents metal gazebo weights are also stackable for added security.

Weights are no longer painted yellow. They are silver with an anti-rust coating.

There are days when no matter how stable your tent is, you need an extra weight to keep it secured. During these days, use metal gazebo weights to secure your pop up gazebo. Poptents metal weights come in a set of two, with each weight weighing 15 kg. For tents these sizes: 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, and 3m x 4.5m, get two sets of leg weights. The larger ones like 3m x 6m poptents have to be secured by three sets of weights.

You can use these metal weights in all range of instant shelters, whether as a pair or separately. Our pop up gazebos and pop up marquees are made only of the best quality materials. They are durable so they are made to last a long time. One of the most important features of poptents is their ease of setup and removal. You can set up the tents quickly and remove them without any difficulty. We guarantee only the best products in the market in prices that are probably the cheapest you can ever find. Order not for speedly free delivery within Ireland. We deliver in Ireland, Europe, and the UK. For garden gazebos, sandbag weights are also available at the website.