3m yellow pop up gazebo awning extension

3m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Yellow

2m pop up gazebo with awning extension in blue

2m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Blue

4.5m Gazebo Awning Accessory - Blue

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4.5m Gazebo Awning

The 4.5m awning is a gazebo accessory that allows you to create extra sun shade and further protection from rains. The awning joins to the velcro strip on the inside of the roof and is fixed to the metal gazebo frame in 4 locations. This provides a waterproof connection and allows the rainwater to run off the front of the tent. This accessory can provide extra protection to the front of your stand and protect your merchandise or foods from the elements!


Comes With

  • 4x Fixing Poles
  • 4.5m Folding Pole
  • 4.5m Blue Fabric