2m x 4m Heavy Duty Gazebo - White

2m x 4m Heavy Duty Gazebo - White

2m x 4m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Blue

2m x 4m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Blue

2m x 4m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Black

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2m x 4m Heavy Duty Gazebo - Black

2m x 4m Black Heavy Duty Pop Up Gazebo

The newest addition to the line up of Poptents heavy duty grade of pop up gazebo. The 2m x 4m has been added to our range of products to serve a narrower setting such as on the footpath outside of a cafe or a retaurant. This more specific size also caters towards events and exhibition traders who have a specific requirement for a narrower display.

Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Frame

Poptents have became the go to supplier of commercial or industrial grade frames due to the strength our frames have to offer. Made with robust 2mm aluminium throughout the pop up shelter and featuring internally reinforced 40mm gazebo legs. However, the strength of the frame comes from the joints as it this that is tasked to withstand the oncoming winds. Here, Poptents go with solid aluminium to ensure you won't have any problems. A couple of men can hang from the centre of the structure here, which shows the type of force they are capable of withstanding. Easy glide sliders also mean the popping up and down of the 2m x 4m pop up marquee is effortless and completed in under a minute.

Tough, Durable & Waterproof

The fabric used in the black 2m x 4m pop up marquee is a tough, durable PVC coated polyester which comes in at 600D and 420gsm. The fabric is completely waterproof, UV resistant and fire retardant certified (available on request). The sidewalls attach to the inside of the roofand strap to each leg using industrial grade velcro. Each sidewall also zips to eachother where they meet at the middle leg and the corners to form a secure barrier to any wind and rain.

Delivery & What's Included

Included with the 2m x 4m pop up gazebo is the heavy duty frame, roof, six 2m walls (two front, two back and two for either end), a wheeled transport bag and a set of four straps and pegs. Delivery on orders is usually 2-3 working days depending on time of order. For more information on delivery please visit our delivery page or contact us.

Wind Information

The results in the below table are to be used as guidance only and if leaving your Poptent up for an extended period of time you should always keep an eye on the weather forecast. The results in the below table are from our wind tunnel testing where 60kg of metal weights were applied to each of the six legs on the 2m x 4m pop up gazebo. A second test was also done with guy ropes supplementing the metal gazebo weights.



A – 300kg Metal Weights

B – 300Kg Metal Weights & Guy Ropes

2m x 4m

55mph / 80kmph

>80mph / 130kmhr